Ellen Theodora Madigan doesn’t want to be a psychic.  However, when her family moves to Cuma, Italy and lands her at the site of one of the renowned ancient oracles — the Cumaean Sibyl, she no longer has a choice.  Her supernatural gift brings on strange dreams and the feeling that an old mystery on the Cuma hillside needs to be solved.


White Flutters in Munich

When Ellen Theodora Madigan's dad moves the family to Munich, Germany for his job, her paranormal sensitivity goes into high alert. Almost at once, she senses that something may have happened in the basement of Haus Falke, the home they have rented.  Ellen’s intuition, fueled by perceptive dreams, the remnants of an old WWII diary and an odd photo in an antique locket given to her by the boy next door, leads the two teenagers to delve deeper.

Kirkus Review : "A captivating read infused with history and culture"

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Coming in 2017!

Ellen Theodora Madigan moves to Rangeley, Maine where her dad takes the family for his sabbatical year. She soon meets a girl who has no friends and low self esteem. She also starts having dreams about the first inhabitants of the area, Abenaki Native Americans and keeps encountering loons that she swears are trying to communicate something. With the help of her first boyfriend, she solves the three mysteries —why is the girl so alone, what are the loons telling her and why did the Abenaki leave?